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I am a Coach who believes in a holistic approach to wellness - my belief is that fitness extends beyond the gym and how you look on the outside. It encompasses the health of your mind, body, beliefs and drive. I work with my clients on all facets to live a fulfilled life where longevity of healthy living is key.

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My Story

My story is both complicated and simple - depending on how much time you have to read…

Simple version - I went through many ups and downs, twists and turns to finally reach a point where I am able to subconsciously and consciously put myself first, know what my purpose is and how to achieve it. I live every day fulfilled, happy and grateful. I don’t pity all the negative situations I have been faced with but acknowledge them as lessons and building blocks of wisdom in my large reserve of ‘what not to do’s’.

Complicated version - within this version I will delve into my story. I’m born and bred from Perth, Western Australia with Italian/Argentinean parents. As a first generation Australian, you’re hit with an identity crisis very early on in life. You’re not Australian because you look ethnic, eat weird food (which are funnily enough ‘popular’ and ‘on trend’ nowadays), follow different customs, way of life and belief systems differ from the ‘Australian kids’. On the other hand, you travel to Italy and you’re Australian, not Italian! Here lies the identity crisis!

At the age of 25 I decided to leave Perth and travel, I went though a tough break up and whilst all my friends were in long term relationships that road was so far away from me - I could barely see the lights paving its way let alone its bricks. After an epic 6 month adventure I decided I would make the permanent move to London without a return date. How long would I stay? 1 year, 2 years, forever… I wasn’t sure - ‘I love Perth but I just don’t fit in it right now’ were the exact words I told my dad as he sat on the edge of my bed before jumping on the plane 3 weeks later. It was tough but I was excited - never once did I think I made the wrong choice… this is how I knew I was on the right path.

I lived in London for nearly 5 years and the experience was beyond anything I could ever have anticipated. You don’t know what you don’t know right… and I soon realised there was a lot I didn’t know. Thankfully I have now lived many lives having these experiences under my belt. London was full of extreme highs which were equally met with extreme lows - both were lessons. The highs were exhilarating and the lows were painful but it’s only now, living back in Perth, that I can say they were all for a reason and I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing (writing this bio even) if it wasn’t for all of the experiences - good and bad, I have endured.

I attempted to move back to Perth several times but the timing wasn’t right - I was forcing it - Perth was not ready for me then and I was not ready to leave London or live back in my hometown. When the time was right, everything aligned like clockwork and even though London threw me some major curveballs to keep me in it’s bubble, I was strong enough to see they were only fake disguises of happiness that would dissolve if I took the bait. Just like when I moved to London initially, my moving back was met with excitement and no looking back. I haven’t once questioned my decision or pined over my old life. I’m grateful for it and thankful for the experience I had, but I have now moved on and only look forward.

For this page to end at a reasonable word count, I will finish with this - I started my fitness journey after a bad skiing accident, 6 months after making the move. I was unable to walk for 2 weeks and on crutches for 2 months… this was met with depression and anxiety as I had zero support, living so far from my close family and friends. I gained weight and felt physically and mentally unfit. My journey to becoming a Personal Trainer, IFBB Bikini Athlete, Spin Instructor and Coach has spanned 5 years of picking myself up off the ground when I’ve fallen, taken steps forward to only roll double the amount back. It’s been tough and I’ve faced many trying moments but it’s all led me to where I am right now, and for that, I am grateful and consider myself blessed as some people don’t go through trying times… they float through life unfazed by anything which is all well and good but it’s only through adversity when you grow and become a stronger version of yourself.

The reason why I say this is the complicated version is not due to the amount of info I’ve thrown at you about myself but that this light at the end of the tunnel never ends… just because I have found my purpose does not mean I can dust my hands off and sit down and chill, NO, quite the opposite. I must consciously remind myself on a daily basis to remain positive, on task, goal orientated, driven and motivated to achieve. The benchmark is always moving and new goals are always formed - it’s a never ending process. You don’t just overcome an eating disorder for example, it’s a daily battle that must be managed, even after recovery assistance - it may never leave your thoughts but it is taking the right steps everyday to overcome those little voices inside your head, telling you to go back to the negative patterns that lead you nowhere.

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