The N | C Method’s transformative RESET is designed to make you feel strong, fit and invigorated. The best version of yourself will be created, restored, found and built through a carefully designed program.

This unique experience will strengthen your relationship with your body and mind. Health is living in a state of vitality that is consistently sustainable. This RESET is exactly that, you will hit your RESET button to then align your body and mind in a way that reflects how you want to live your life.

This experience is designed to challenge and push boundaries in a way you have never experienced.

Be Open & Be Ready!



The menu focuses on food quality, nutrient density and most importantly, flavour. It is no secret that the overarching principle is low calorie to restore the gut, detoxify the body and balance digestion. You will be surprised at how your body will function with the amount of food prescribed.

Each meal and each day is calorie controlled - to the gram. This may seem pedantic but in reality, it just means we leave nothing to guess work. Your menu will be so delicious, the want to emulate it past your time at the RESET will be high.

Your food will not only be nutritious but will be the fuel needed to energise your workouts.


A combination of low and high impact fitness sessions are carefully curated and structured in order to reduce stress, push boundaries and release endorphins.

Sessions will follow The N | C Method style of training and will include; HIIT, Strength, Technique (eduction, demonstration and correction), Conditioning, Hiking, Boxing, Yoga and Group Activities.


Recovery is an important part of any training and nutrition schedule. When we recover, we repair and when we repair, we reap the benefits ten fold! Mobility and Yoga practices are within the program to balance out the high impact activity we will be doing. Recovery and Repair techniques such as acupuncture, cupping, massage, Gua Sha and Bowen will be included as well as full use of the resort facilities.


It is all well and good to move your body but do you know the reason why? Understanding what muscles are used whilst performing an exercise is far more powerful and effective than performing the movement without knowing. Education around how to move correctly, how to perform exercises correctly and therefore efficiently whilst understanding mind to muscle connection is paramount hence why a masterclass dedicated to technique is included within the RESET.

We believe in the holistic view to optimum health which not only encompasses Movement but Mindset and Nutrition hold equal value. Masterclasses with a qualified and practicing Nutritionist delves into a different topic each and every RESET.

The power of the mind is great and education around this topic is vastly overlooked. Now becoming more recognised, a positive Mindset that is educated around what it is, how it works and how it can be exercised to achieve success in not only fitness adherence but in every day life is a Masterclass that has been included in the RESET schedule from the beginning.



Mini (3 nights) or Full Experience (6 nights)

  • Accommodation
  • Check in and out including postural and movement assessments
  • Nutritious and wholesome meals cooked by our in-house Chef everyday
  • Coached by Nicole
  • Activities coached/instructed by experts
  • Technique session
  • Cooking class
  • Strength at The Movement Southwest
  • Yoga practice led by a qualified Yogi
  • In-house Acupuncturist
  • Masterclasses
  • Massage (additional)
  • Exercise and Activities include but not limited to Strength, Boxing, Hikes, HIIT, Glute Work
  • and Activation, Core, Conditioning

What an amazing week!
Broke new boundaries.
Conquered new challenges.
Formed new friendships.
Nicole provided a really supportive and encouraging environment on this six day retreat.
Amazing, freshly cooked food fuelled our bodies to achieve our best in the workouts, with lots of
tips and tricks shared about healthy eating and nutrition.
To share the week with a fabulous group of like minded people and to actually see results achieved
at the end of the week was a fantastic and very rewarding feeling.
Sign me up for the next one Nic!


The reset was the first time in a long time I was able to rest my mind, let my thoughts settle and roll
with a Rhythm that was set out for me.
Nicoles schedule was big and tested my endurance, and the satisfaction and pride that came with
completing each day was immeasurable. It was hard and it was challenging, but we all did it
together and Nicole was by our side the whole time.
It was impeccably organised.
There are times in life when we all say 'we don't have the time' or 'we cant leave our jobs/kids' but if
we can try and put the excuses to aside by finding that babysitter-grandparent- friend to take the
kids or delegate that workload, and get yourself down to her reset- your mind and body with be so


WOW!! What can l say other than the whole week exceeded my expectations.
The week consisted of many challenging workouts, treks, yoga and there were also opportunities to
sit back and relax.
The food was bloody delicious and 100% nutritious. All meals were prepared by our amazing and
extremely talented chef taste buds were dancing all week.
Will l do one again? Most definitely, l wouldn’t miss it for the world.
Thank you Nicole for helping me to set and achieve my goals.